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Behaviour Change TORs                                                                                                                                               










New TORS dated 17 March, 2017 (for Satellite Imageries) Last Date for Submission of Documents is 5th April, 2017

ToRs for Satellite Imageries_17March2017 (LATEST)


Selection Criteria (Latest) 17 March 













UPU re-invites applications for Pre-qualification of Vendors/suppliers for Provision of “Cloud/online Satellite Imageries”.












Prequalification Form(Satellite Imageries)














Land Use Plan TORs

Last date for submission of EOIs (1200 hrs.22  july 2015)    


















ToRs for Traffic Signage ManualEoIs for Geometric design










ToRs for Road Asset Management


ToRs for Geometric design Revised

Last date for submission of EOIs (1500 hrs.1st june.2015)

Download Shortlisting criteria













1. Baseline Survey & Physical Verification of Assets for Peshawar City


TORs Baseline Survey

TORs Assets Survey

Last date for submission of documents (19th September, 2014)

PPRA Criteria Download

Expression Of Interest For Hiring Consultancy Services

      Last date for submission of documents (2nd july, 2015)                                                                                     EOIs public infracture improvement